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Founding Team

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Thomas Reppa
CEO & Co-Founder
Thomas Reppa has been an entrepreneur, consultant and Agile coach for over 20 years. He is responsible for the concept and product strategy of CoffeeCup.
Benjamin Gutschik
CTO & Co-Founder
Benjamin Gutschik has been working as a consultant in the corporate environment and software developer since 2000. He leads our technology team and oversees the further development of CoffeeCup.
CoffeeCup motivates your employees systematically and individually

Every person is different. And every person is motivated by different things. Of course, this also applies to your employees. That's why it's important that you don't generalize your bonus system, but individualize it. This is the only way to ensure that your incentive measures do not come to nothing again after a short time and poor results. CoffeeCup takes care of the necessary personalization of your bonus system for you. This allows you to reward each individual employee in a way that is most valuable to them personally ... and therefore most motivating and triggers the best results.

Company goals become employee goals

Motivation is important, but of course it is not everything. To contribute to the company's success, the employees also have to do the right things. And these are different for every company. That's why CoffeeCup is customizable. The system alerts your employees to the company's goals with regular pulses, ensuring that the employee's personal goals are linked to the company's goals. This way you can make your team's focus measurable and transparent and promote the management mindset of your employees.

Our Roadmap

June 2014

The journey starts

We would like to develop a software for companies whose use is not perceived as a necessary evil, but as an enrichment: The idea of CoffeeCup is born.

February 2016

Houston, We've Got a Problem

After a good 1.5 years of development, the time has finally come: CoffeeCup enters the closed alpha phase with its first users.

October 2017

Testing, Testing, Testing

Start of the open beta phase. Since October, interested parties can register for the CoffeeCup beta via the website.

January 2020

More than 50 customers

Already over 50 DACH companies use CoffeeCup daily to manage their teams and projects.

April 2015

Hello World

After the first prototype and positive feedback, Thomas Reppa and Benjamin Gutschik found CoffeeCup GmbH in Munich.

February 2017

Always stay agile

During the alpha phase CoffeeCup has changed. Compact evaluation and monitoring functions are created from the many data from projects, time recording, planning and employees.

October 2018

Let's go

After more than a year in beta, CoffeeCup goes to market in its first version. At the same time, the bits & pretzels trade fair and the Oktoberfest take place in Munich.

from 2021

Planning, controlling and integrations

For 2021, our focus is on further functions for controlling, capacity planning and the integration of additional tools.