Hello CoffeeCup

Hello CoffeeCup
Learn more about the Team behind CoffeeCup
Hello CoffeeCup
Thomas Reppa
CEO & Co-Founder
Thomas Reppa has been working as a concept developer and consultant in the digital economy for over 20 years. He is significantly responsible for the product strategy and the user experience of CoffeeCup.
Benjamin Gutschik
CTO & Co-Founder
Benjamin Gutschik has been working as a consultant in the corporate environment and software developer since 2000. He leads our technical team and supervises the further development of CoffeeCup.
Don't make me think!

We develop CoffeeCup with the aim of presenting complex relationships in a simple way. Our customers get the most important figures about their projects and their team.

This enables them to make better decisions and become more efficient.

User Experience Galore

Intuitive operation, an appealing design combined with clever functions are not just lip service but reality at CoffeeCup.

Our customers enjoy working with CoffeeCup because it gives them what they really need.

Our history

June 2014

The journey begins

We want to develop software for companies whose use is not perceived as a necessary evil, but as enrichment: The idea of CoffeeCup is born.

February 2016

Houston, come in

After a good 1.5 years of development, the time has finally come: CoffeeCup enters the closed alpha phase with its first users.

October 2017

Testing, testing, testing

Start of the open beta phase. Since October interested parties can register for the CoffeeCup Beta via the website.

April 2015

Hello World

After the first prototype and positive feedback, Thomas Reppa and Benjamin Gutschik found CoffeeCup GmbH in Munich.

Feburary 2017

Always stay agile

CoffeeCup changed during the alpha phase. The vast amount of data from projects, time recording, planning and employees has resulted in compact evaluation and monitoring functions.

October 2018

Here we go

After more than a year in beta, the first version of CoffeeCup is released. At the same time the bits & pretzels fair and the Oktoberfest take place in Munich.