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How we optimize our team planning with CoffeeCup

Resource planning can quickly become a very time-consuming issue in the project business. In order to plan efficiently, it is necessary to be able to view not only the individual projects, but also the departments and analyze their workload. We wanted a solution that would allow us to track team utilization in real time. In our industry, complex orders often arise at very short notice. An important criterion was therefore also that the solution reliably and quickly shows us where resources are available or will soon become available. In the past, it sometimes happened that employees were assigned to jobs even though they were on vacation or business trip.



We needed an easy-to-use solution with an appealing user interface. Previously, resource planning was based on Gantt charts, which turned out to be increasingly inflexible and outdated. In addition, not only the BDA team, but also all freelancers should be involved in the future: In our industry it is customary to put together an individual team of permanent and freelance employees for each project. In order to keep track of this, it was important to us that the solution also offers HR functions such as vacation and absence management. No other solution we had considered offered this range of functions with high usability at the same time. Thanks to CoffeeCup, we can keep track of which employees are involved where and for how long, even with up to 30 parallel projects.


Greatest added value

CoffeeCup allows spontaneity in its best form, namely on the basis of sound data. If a request comes today at short notice, I can agree tomorrow and have already assembled my team.

For me, CoffeeCup is an absolutely harmonious tool, both in terms of functionality and usability. A real relief for daily planning.
Markus Eckl-Jordan
Director of Operations


Favorite feature

I find the keyword search very practical because it allows me to filter my departments and teams by topic within seconds, for example to assign orders to the right employees. The person detail view and absence management are just as valuable to me because they give me a quick overview of the resources available in the future. If, for example, I would like to schedule freelancers, I can immediately see whether they have opted for the relevant period.

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