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    After making a demo appointment, you receive all necessary information to start your CoffeeCup demo with us.
  • Learn about the features
    You will learn about the most important features, that CoffeeCup provides for you and your team.
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  • Next Steps
    If CoffeeCup is the right solution for you, we can either walk you through the setup of your account or you can try it on your own.
  • Receive account details
    After making a demo appointment, you receive all necessary information to setup your CoffeeCup account with us.
  • Test account setup
    We guide you through your initial account setup and identify most valuable features for you and your team.
  • Questions & Answers
    After the setup, we answer any further questions and give you a sneak peak for upcoming CoffeeCup features.
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CoffeeCup is a cloud-based software that can be used on all terminals and operating systems. The functions of time tracking and absence planning, HR data and project data provide an intelligent data pool. From this pool, the software generates real-time reports and forecasts. This offers you full transparency about the performance of projects, teams and the contribution of each individual.

CoffeeCup is currently available in English and German.

Currently, every interested company is offered a personal setup via web demo. The duration of the demo depends on your individual needs and questions.

The data exchange between the user and CoffeeCup always takes place with a certified SSL encryption and is - similar to online banking - always active.

We offer a startup-package. Startups can use CoffeeCup free of charge for 3 months. The startup-package includes all advantages and the full functionality of the App.

CoffeeCup supports all modern browsers on all common operating systems.

For some tools we offer a free import of your data. Please contact us by e-mail if you would like to take advantage of this service.

The CoffeeCup servers are located in the security data center of Amazon Webservices (AWS) in Frankfurt and we back up your data several times a day. You can also export your data from the CoffeeCup cloud at any time.

We use Amazon Webservices for the IT infrastructure of CoffeeCup. Amazon is the world's largest and leading provider of hosting solutions and regularly runs risk and security checks on its software and hardware. All Amazon servers are accredited with ISO 27001. This provides you and your data with the highest level of security.

We believe in good software and satisfied users. Therefore you can cancel CoffeeCup monthly.