time tracking

Capture your working hours and breaks quickly and easily. From your browser, desktop or directly from Jira.
Time Tracking
Time recording must be fast, intuitive and visual.
Flexible Time Tracking
Record working times and breaks easily via drag & drop and stopwatch function

Record your working times by input or drag & drop

Optional recording of start, end and pause times

Determine Start and End with the Stopwatch Function

Capture worktimes from your desktop or Jira
Record your working hours conveniently with the CoffeeCup Desktop App or directly from Jira

Capture your times from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone

Use our comfortable desktop widget for macOS and Windows

Record your working hours directly from Jira (on demand and cloud)

Extended Overview for Managers
Manage the payroll time separately from the working times of your employees

Separate payroll and employee times

View of residual budget and hourly rate

Automatic rounding of time entries

Data export
Export performance records for your customers

Export time entries to PDF, Excel and CVS

Use the extensive filter and display options

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